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Painted Desert Ranch

Raising the Dust,
One Horse at a Time

Home to PD Hollywood Tramp and PD Handdown Hancock
[for more information on Holly and Spanky,
visit the "PD Legends" folder in my gallery!]

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Welcome to the gallery of...well me...

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SOLD - PD Driftin' Tramp by painted-cowgirlPD A Trampz Handdown - Paint by painted-cowgirl


Do you have trouble creating a decent personality for your horse, check this journal out:
Horse Personality Randomizer FINISHEDCredits
This randomizer was made by MamaT06, Hathien603 and AgerskovArt.
The original idea was to create this for the Horse Art RP Game on Deviantart - but it is free to use by others as well and for other purposes.
We do kindly ask for credit though.
Please link back to this journal where possible, so others may find it as well.
Do not copy the content of this randomizer and claim it your own!
Please respect the people who put time into creating it.
Thank you ^^
About the HPR
To use the HPR, first open another browser window and go to
In the top right corner you find a little box.
Change the two numbers in the box to fit the two numbers you see in the () in the benning of the sections below.
Like "Base Personalities (1-50) - then change box numbers to 1 and 50.
Then press generate.
Match the generated number to the number on this journal to find a personality for your horse.
You got other options besides just personalities, such as special querks

Foals that Need Refs:

Current Project: SunriseRidgeRanch Foals
All the ones listed are paid for and I can find proof for ya :)
-Hip 1: Starter X All American Girl; Black Tobiano, EE/nT
-Hip 3: Starter X Concrete Angel; Dark Bay Spalsh, EE/Aa/nSpl
-Hip 6: Starter X All American Girl; Bay Dun Tobiano, EE/Aa/DD/nT
-Hip 7: Starter X LCS Careful Whatcha Wish For; Bay Roan Dun Tobiano, EE/Aa/Rr/Dd/nT (Named PD Wishin Stones, has a bonus 4.5 points from pictures)
-Hip 8: Gentry Man Outlaw X Chocolate Gold; Dark Bay Dun Tobiano, Ee/AA/Dd/nT

The belows girls have all been drawn as foals and all have 1 training under their belts. They are just waiting for refs.

PD Chocolate Tramp -
PD Fire Effect -
PD Frosted Aurora -
PD Playin' Red Code -

Bol -

I'm Sorry You Guys

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 3:17 PM

I've been really bad about logging on and checking in with y'all. I stayed home today because I ran a fever yesterday and last night and into today (it tends to subside when I'm awake and able to take medicine, but if I sleep, it comes back). I kept waking up last night with the chills because I was covered in sweat, and I only had 1 blanket over me. So yeah, not feeling great right now.

I've been so extremely busy with school these last few weeks as well, just finished a Congress stimulation in my Gov class, and I have my project presentation for the english riding on next friday, so I have to do a huge notebook and prepare a power point.

Then we have dear Destiny. She deserves a horse with the most heart award hands down. Her hocks were kind of sore for our show last weekend, and she still went out there and kept up with everyone else. We had some pretty great times, but everyone else was on top of their game so we barely lost by usually less than half a second. Although poles was hands down like the biggest achievement ever. We left them all standing! :la: I had to set like 3 of them up, but they stayed up, so I was like jumping for joy by the time we got out of the arena, I didn't even care about our time :lmao: We did get a 25, and won that class because most of the people and horses in our class are not pole horses, but now that we figured out how to keep them clean, we can hopefully add some speed. I might send a video to a guy who does pole training professionally and does clinics, and see if he sees areas to shave off time. I know we can be quicker, it's just getting there while staying clean. We had tapped on pole weaving through so I grabbed it and set it back up, so I ended up going past one pole with just one hand on the reins and barely grabbing my reins before the next pole, so now I'm considering if perhaps she'd do better one handed through them...I'll stick 2 handed, but it's nice to know if I need to so something, one hand is fine. We almost knocked an end pole coming home though, because she sets SO hard on it (she leaves 2-3 foot drag marks where her hind feet are just planting it), I like smooch and squeeze and much as possible, and it doesn't work, so I had to grab it and we took it quite a ways down, then I threw it back up, well I guess it leaned really bad when I put it back up, but then it came back and stood up, it's kinda like my new trick of putting up poles, although I need to stop relying on it and started trying to not touch them at all. It leaves people gasping everytime I do it though ^^; but I'm going to get her hock wraps to try to keep them from being sore, because she kept having to pause and scotch during her turns (which took a lot of time and made our times slower, if it wasn't for those mishaps, we probably would have won all our classes. She has the shortest stride ever, but she's super quick footed, and probably one of the fastest horses in the straights), and she'd been sore on them a little that week so I had done ice tight with them the night before, and that works, but you can't put that on between classes, so I'm going to purchase hock wraps from Back on Track. They reflect the body heat to heal and loosen muscles and such, and I think they'd help her, so I'm going to count my money and see how much I have, but I'd like to buy the hock wraps and a blanket for her back and booty to keep them from being sore since I ask for a lot of collection, which means she is working her topline and "abs", so the blanket should help soothe those. I'm also planning to buy quick wraps for her front legs because I think those are a nice preventative, and I'm also saving up for a magnetic fly mask from PHT Magnetics. They're said to have a soothing effect and help head shaking problems. She's still acting like she has something down in her ear, so I'm trying to find a vet with a scope we can put down in her ear, but I think the fly mask will be helpful anyways. So much money but I think it'll all be worth it.

Anyhow, that's my little spill for now. Hope everyone is doing well :heart:


United States
the one who got away...

If you can't handle me at my worst, you surely don't deserve me at my best... -M. Monroe

Stamp - Winning Foals by painted-cowgirlWIP - Stamp for Holly by painted-cowgirl
Rodeo stamp by sorrelstangWrangler Jeans Stamp by RahxyFootball Guy Stamp by painted-cowgirl
Barrel Racer stamp by JaxxyLupeiDodge stamp by QuanticChaos1000I Love The Summer by Wearwolfaa
Alyx, Happy Bday-Bo by painted-cowgirlMGM's Rocket by painted-cowgirlBirthday Stamp-RedStrawScotch by painted-cowgirl

Words from the Women of Rodeo

"It's not showing up and demanding what you deserve; it's about showing up and asking how you can serve."
- Sam Stanke, Miss Rodeo North Dakota 2011

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
- Native American Proverb
(brought to my attention by Brooke M'Lynn Owen,
Miss Rodeo Illinois 2011)

[ Box O Stuff ]

Animal Welfare by paramoreSUCKSall things pink by raspberryredBarrel Racer - Stamp by horseytamer1
Trace Adkins Stamp by iWooSTAMP: Just Songs About Loving + Living... by StampsGoneMissing
I love Quarter Horses by WishmasterAlchemistCowgirl by ashleymnolanI love American Paint Horses by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Pembroke Welsh Corgis by WishmasterAlchemistI love Pomeranians by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Cocker Spaniels by WishmasterAlchemistI love Great Pyrenees by WishmasterAlchemist

I'm in a huge mood to draw, only problem? I can't stay awake and keep feeling like I'm gonna faint... 

2 deviants said I hate being sick....
1 deviant said when inspiration strikes at bad times :facepalm:

Painted Desert Ranch

Raising the Dust,
One Horse at a Time

"Legends don't come and go,
they come and impact,
forever leaving hoofprints on our hearts."


Is home to some of the best quality stock horses of all HARPG and other RPGs. We have a lot of stock to chose from and provide a huge variety of bloodlines that are proven in and out of the arena. Our main discipline is barrel racing, and with 25 entries at different shows in it, it has became our strongest event. We also take a lot of pride in our rope horses, with 15 entries in roping.

We were put on the map after our mare Holly(see left) became a Hall of Fame horse(at HARPG-The-WD). She was the first of many, and has become our icon here at the ranch. Holly semi-retired in January 2012, and now is producing the next line of champions.

Our second horse that was accepted as Hall of Fame (again with the WD), is PD Handdown Hancock. A blue roan Quarter Horse stallion. He was the little roan that showed everyone little horses can have big hearts. He is currently finishing 2014 as his last large year of showing, attending only the largest and most prestigious of shows.

My current foundation stud horse that is rising the ranks is PD He's Greek to Me, a 14 year old crazy colored gene bomb of Quarter Horse stallion. Known as "The Cream Ghost" around the barn due to his color, he sticks out in any arena. Keep watch for Willie, his get, and his grandget in the arena :aww: His current total with HARPG-The-WD is around 100 points.

And the Paint mare I've decided to run along side him recently came back home to her birthplace, Kasey from Zephyrra, who was a Top finalist in the HARPG Next Top Horse show, will be joining our ranks. The mare is something special and placing as the highest western horse in the HARPG NTH was a huge accomplishment, and we hope to prove to the world that she is indeed, the next top horse. She's currently over 280 points with the WD and is of Best of the Best ranking :)

We also have PD She's Done Gone, aka Fly, who is my next mare I really wanna work with. After only entering a couple times, she's well on her way to Best of the Best with 50 points. You can't miss her with her gorgeous douple pearl coat.


:pointr: Spanky and Holly's foal, Lou, will have her new owner announced August 26 or 27. This filly will be the highest pointed horse at the WD sold to date, going to her new owner with a expected 200+ points with HARPG-The-WD! Thank you to everyone who entered her sale, expect more foals from Spanky soon as Holly rests in the pasture :aww:


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